Relationships take many forms, such as couples, family groups, extended families and living in communities.

Familyfocus works with such connections when they become disrupted, damaged, or broken, with the aim of healing, re-connecting, or help in understanding damage that may have occurred.

Lincolnshire has many beauty spots, but also areas of rural poverty and places that are deprived. Familyfocus aims to bring some improvements by working with families experiencing such difficulties and where appropriate referring on to other agencies.

Communities can be strengthened by having advice and support made available to the individual and families, which Familyfocus does offer and make available when required.

Lincolnshire is a very rural county, which is to be appreciated and explored.

It also has some very good coastal towns and seaside resorts which a lot of people enjoy.

Familyfocus offers a hand of none judgement, acceptance, none discrimination and support for all in need of help, guidance and advice.

The Family can be a source of strength and support, but also one of disruption, aggression and isolation.

Familyfocus helps by encouraging people to understand their families better and their place within them, by working with the whole family, or individuals who are family members.

Welcome to Familyfocus Lincolnshire

We provide expert social care to a wide range of families, including the extended family.

Familyfocus is for the benefit of the public. Our aims are to provide a specialised social care service which promotes social change, problem solving and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance their well being.

We aim to help and promote strong and healthy families by:

Ensuring all our social care interventions will be evidence based practice.

Offering structured programmes as well as an open door policy to all the community.

Empowering parents in Advocacy and Personal Development.

Creating Partnerships that benefit families and the community.

We are already working with other local professional agencies. We share a belief in a willingness to work together for the good of the community.

Familyfocus Goals

Encouraging parents to take a more active parenting role.

Develop strong relationships with local and wider business communities

Develop a strong inter-agency relationship

Maintain a strong Board of Trustees

Raise funds and sponsorship

Recent News


SHARE (Support, Help, Advice, Respite, Encouragement) is an independent family support and guidance service incorporating a parent run support group facilitated by familyfocus lincolnshire. It is open to all families that have children or young adults (up to 25 years) with a diagnosis (or working towards a diagnosis of) Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.

Families with a child who has Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will have special concerns and often need a great deal of information: information about the disability of their child, about school services, therapy, local policies, funding sources, transportation, medical facilities, and much more.

SHARE is able to offer families bespoke individual support within their own homes.

SHARE will also be holding regular parent led support groups primarily offering parents a place and a means to share information, give and receive emotional support, and work as a team to address common concerns. We hope to provide mutual support and new friendships, distribute information and/or newsletters, create a resource centre, arrange for speakers on topics of interest, and set up reciprocal babysitting. We would also like to give parents, the opportunity to speak in a unified voice to express all their needs and concerns.

Within the group, parents can also be open about their fears and concerns. There is a great benefit in learning that there are other families going through the same kinds of situations. By being part of SHARE families will have the opportunity to end the sense of isolation created by lack of information and support. By expressing their concerns and problems to other parents, families can get reactions and advice from others who may have experienced similar situations or needs. They can share the daily coping techniques that help keep families together, as well as tips that can make life run more smoothly. Parents can help each other to renew their spirit, determination, and enthusiasm for life. Being able to discuss concerns with others in the same situation can bring about realistic, pragmatic solutions and is often exactly the support families need.

The group meets at The Bridge Church, 107-115 Newark Road, Lincoln, LN5 8NQ. The meetings are open to all families in the local area.  Please contact Sarah on 07513 59106 or Hilary on 07930 194 175 or 01522 508 360.  The next meeting is April 7th 9.30a.m. to 11a.m.  Please feel free to bring your children along if this makes it easier for you to come along. There is no charge or membership payment. result for the national lottery logoWe look forward to seeing you.


With more and more of us shopping online these days for groceries, products and even services - you can HELP US raise money for familyfocus lincolnshire through And it really is easy.

It’s free to sign up –you just need an email address, and then you select familyfocus lincolnshire as your chosen cause. Afterwards, whenever you want to buy something, if you start from – select the name of the store and then start shopping – the site links you directly to the website of the retailer and any money you spend creates a donation, which is collected by easyfundraising and passed on to us to be enjoyed by the families we work with. There are 1000s of retailers on the system, such as Amazon, Sainsbury’s Groceries, Tesco Direct, Apple, LateRooms, Travelodge and virtually anyone that has an online presence. Most holiday companies are also included so don't forget to check before you book!

So if you are a regular online shopper please think about raising money for familyfocus lincolnshire.  Thank you!

Three More Sleeps!!

Only three more sleeps to the BIG day!! On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.I am hoping 2015 will be a good year for us here at familyfocus as well as an exciting one. There will more news about our new Board of Directors in the New Year. 

It is now nearly four years since I founded familyfocus and the majority of the original Board have all retired or left for personal reasons. Ken, who was our Chairperson, retires at the end of this year and I personal would like to say a massive Thank You to Ken for all his hard work. The original Board of Directors provided the foundation on which familyfocus is built – our aims, policies and procedures, and direction of work are all down their hard work and understanding. It was not always an easy time, difficult decisions had to be taken, but we all learnt as went along that first journey together.
I will post more information about our new Directors in the New Year but I would like to welcome, Ian, Mark and Rachel on Board! 2015 looks as if it could be a very exciting year and I look forward to taking familyfocus forward with the help and direction of the new Board.

In this special season if you would like to make a donation towards our work please press the big red button on our website –



Is it just me or has this year flown by?  Christmas is soon here, although some of the shops have been ready for Christmas since the summer.  familyfocus will close on the 23rd December  and open again on the 5th January 2015.  However I can be contacted by email - if you should need to make an enquiry.

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

Open Morning

We are holding an OPEN MORNING on the 12th August at The Showroom Lincoln for anyone interested in joining our Board of Directors. There is no commitment but an opportunity to learn about our work and how our Board works. We start at 9.30 and will be finished by 12.15p.m. Please let me know if you going to come along,just so I know there will be enough coffee and tea!

Our Board Members

Hilary Sharpe - Trustee
Hilary started in social work as a residential social worker for Barnardos in South Wales. She stayed in residential work... read more


Ken Brettell - Trustee
Ken trained and qualified as a Psychiatric Nurse and then a General Nurse, as well as a Community Psychiatric... read more


Simon Garside - Trustee
Simon joined Lincolnshire Police as student police officer on the 12 November 2007. Following his initial training at... read more





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