Volunteer Book-Keeper Wanted!

Photo by Meditations, www.pixabay.com
Photo by Meditations, www.pixabay.com

Our volunteer book-keeper is leaving us in the autumn to be nearer to her family.  We are upset that Lynda will be leaving, she has been a very much valued member of our team but we do understand her reasons and wish her lots of luck, with lots of cuddles from her new grandson!

If you are a book-keeper, looking for some voluntary work, have a sense of fun and would like to be part of small but growing team we would love to hear from you.  You will have to present a financial report to the Board Meetings, but again this is set up to make this task easy, as well as present our accounts to the accountant at the end of the financial year.  Lynda has already set up our accounts on spreadsheets and has a system in place that works easily and very well.

References will be taken up.

Please contact us if you are interested on 07930 194 175 or enquiries@familyfocuslincolnshire.org.uk