Family Support

hands and familyHere at familyfocus we are rooted in the belief the family provides the key to how individuals function and develop.  Family structure is changing all the time but the importance of finding a way to live in harmony together so individuals can develop positive long lasting relationships is still the vital link for all of us.

We offer a new way of working with families who find they need some outside help in order to see ‘the wood from the trees’.  So often families try to cope with issues regarding the behaviour of their children, suddenly find they are not communicating with each other in the same way they once did, feel they are out of touch with the needs of their children/each other, or simply feel as if they have just lost their way.

hands and family2We have the skills to be able to help families understand what is happening and how changes can be made – the kind of changes families feel may help them to get their family back together.  If there are extended family you feel play an important part in your lives we are happy to all work together and not exclude those members who have an influence on what happens.

As our plan of work for each family is bespoke, the amount of time each family will receive will vary, but as a general rule we offer up to six one hour sessions. Out of office support is arranged according to need and agreed on a bespoke basis.

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