Family Work

Family work is about working with the whole family and not just individuals from a family group.

We believe that not to do so, does not give an accurate picture of the family dynamics and therefore will make it difficult to assess the needs of the individual or family members. Even if we receive referrals for work with a child, or sibling group, we will also work with the adults within the family.

We do not believe it is beneficial to work with children in isolation from their own family group even if the child is not able to reside with their families at the time of any work being requested.

Familyfocus believe it is important to help parents, children, grandparents, to gain an understanding of what has happened in their past In doing this, they may then be able to understand any current difficulties and are then better able to move forward and work towards positive changes for the future. We have found from experience over the years that emotional issues and relationship problerns can be started in an individual’s family of origin.

At Familyfocus we work to unravel those unresolved issues from the past and aim to bring clarity and hope for the future. Working at the pace of the individual and family is an essential element of our work.

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