Interagency Working and the Business Community

Why we are needed

interagency-workingNational government policy informs us the Moorland area of Lincoln is in the top ten deprived areas of the country. (The 2010 English Indices of Deprivation).

There are no family centres based in this area offering a specialised family service as well as an open door policy to the local and wider community. We are already working with other local professional agencies.

Familyfocus strongly believe in Inter-agency working.

“It isn’t organisations that change things but the individuals within who can be passionate and energetic. When individuals create momentum, organisations are driven forward by at first small steps but increasingly giant steps.”
      Peter Hawes, Managing Director, Norse Commercial Services

Familyfocus are clear that inter-agency working is about working with not just other professional agencies but it must also work with the business community, both locally and nationally. As a Third Sector organisation we are not bound by red tape or the need to be prescriptive about our services. We are open to new ideas and see this as our way of moving forward and not standing still.

We feel the business community and Familyfocus can learn from each other as well as make a real difference to the lives of those people we come into contact with.
We want to work with organisations that have a desire to get more involved in social investment and to be part of a different and new way of working for the community and the professionals. We know this is not going to be easy, for a start, we both talk a different language! However we know we have a lot to learn and hope you can teach us about the business world. In return we can show how your company can have a long term positive impact on the community.

We have a real understanding of the needs of our community

At Familyfocus we know there are areas that need to be addressed. We are close to the people the third sector wants to reach. We are innovative in developing solutions and coming up with ideas. We can monitor and evaluate the service we deliver.

As a business working alongside us you can be part of a team that delivers a service that meets the needs of the whole community. This includes helping to reduce poverty by looking at how you engage your workforce, exploring new ways of offering apprenticeships, work experience, etc. Between us we can help to reduce youth crime whilst working with families where trauma, neglect and parenting skills need to be re-examined.

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