Our Organisation

Familyfocus is an organisation for all people regardless of age, gender or cultural background.

We aim to work in a manner that does not discriminate, prejudice or offend any person who may seek our support.

New born babies, the elderly and any age in the middle are welcome. We firmly believe interagency working is vital for all the community and the best way of working.

To this end we will work to develop and maintain those professional relationships we already have. It is also important for Familyfocus to seek out new working relationships within the business community, both locally and nationally.

We believe we all have a role to play within our community. Our Board of Directors have a wide range of skills and knowledge, members coming from backgrounds in social work, financial and the business community.  All are committed to ensure the service we deliver is of a high standard and take an active part in the continual development of Familyfocus.

It is important to us that we continually review the work we do and the services we offer. To this end we will ensure we are meeting the needs of those we work with, as well as grow and change as and when necessary. 

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