Direct Work


This is an area of work that puts the child or adult at the centre of the social work task we offer here at Familyfocus. We recognise the importance of commitment to this area of work, which is never rushed or completed within any time span. We work at the pace of the individual at all times.

It is important individuals feel safe and secure during this work. We believe that the individual has a right to understand about their past and present, which in turn we hope, will make decision making for the future a less painful experience.

We understand that individuals may not have had the opportunity to talk about events in their lives but more importantly may not have had a person able or willing to listen to them. The ability to listen to the experiences of loss, sadness and rejection, which is so often felt by the individual, is a way forward to helping an individual gain their self respect. Here at Familyfocus we believe listening skills are part of the key to this work.

We will accept referrals for this work either as a stand alone piece of work or as part of ongoing long term family work.

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