Training courses

Cygnet training –  working in partnership with Barnardo’s we are able to offer best practice in autism awareness and training.

The Family  –

We can help to increase your understanding of autistic spectrum conditions as develop your knowledge on how a child on the autistic spectrum experiences the world and what drives their behaviour on a free core training programme.

The Business Community –

We can help you to understand the four main areas of autistic spectrum conditions as well gain an understanding of parents and carers’ perspectives. Some practitioners may find this training meets their organisational development needs.


Supervised Contact and Training

Divorce and Parenting at a Distance

Parenting Re-defined – This is not any ordinary parenting programme.  If you are divorced, or going through the divorce process, this is for YOU.  It has come about as a result of the high vigilant supervised contact we offer, in which it became obvious many parents, once finding they had to care for their child alone, or were parenting at a distance,  found this both practically, as well as emotionally challenging.  Parenting Re-defined gives you space and time to reflect, explore and consider both the practical and emotional changes and challenges that affect your family, but mostly affect you as a parent at a distance.


Early Intervention Work

A divorce is painful for all involved, it can feel as if your family is tearing apart and family and friends just do not understand.  Familyfocus are now able to offer bespoke support to all the family.  We can help you consider all aspects of divorce before your family is divided and you need to seek legal advice.

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