What We Offer

Family work

We work with the whole family, including the extended family if this is seen as important to a positive outcome. Family work can include attachment concerns, conflict resolution, relationship work, understanding children and their behaviour, how parents affect the behaviour of their children, exploration of the dynamics of family life, especially if step parents and step children are part of a family, self-esteem and confidence concerns. We also provide financial literacy and debt management. Read more about Family Work …..

Direct work with children/adults

A way of exploring and understanding how past events impact on an individual’s present day to day life. Direct work, with the same key worker, is an excellent way of helping people to make more positive decisions for their future. This work is never rushed and the only time limits imposed are those of the individual – we work at their pace. Read more about Direct work with adults and children……

Supervised contact

With individual reports presented ready for use within the Court arena. Supervised contact is an important time for both children and adults. We share all our reports with both adults and children, if age appropriate. Our reports provide detailed recording of events that may have taken place during contact including, body language, the spoken word and unspoken word, timings are given if it is felt necessary as well as a final summary and recommendations. Wherever possible the same worker will be present if you require supervised contact on a regular basis. Read more about supervised contact ……

The Grub Club

Practical work on healthy eating. Working in partnership with our local supermarket this is a way of helping families, plan, budget, prepare and cook a meal. Family activities are then planned for the rest of the evening. Read more about the Grub Club ……  Read more about The Grub Club……..


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